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Getting Started

Getting started on the AllergyEasy® program is simple. Here’s how it works:

1. Consult with your AllergyEasy physician about your symptoms

2. Get a brief allergy test
If your AllergyEasy physician determines that you may be a candidate for oral drops, you will be given a brief allergy test. The skin-prick test feels like a series of small scratches on your arm or back. A 10-pronged device is used to penetrate the most superficial layers of skin. This is done six times for a total of 60 pricks. (The skin is not actually broken. No blood involved!)

3. Take your allergy drops home
Once your test results are processed and your AllergyEasy physician approves you for treatment, you will receive dropper bottles of allergy serum and instructions for home use. You can take the serum daily, squeezing tiny serum droplets under your tongue where they will be absorbed into your bloodstream.

The serum contains extracts of various allergens (pollen, pet dander, etc.) mixed into a saline solution. With each progressive serum bottle, the body becomes increasingly desensitized to allergens in the environment.

4. Relief at last!
The majority of AllergyEasy patients experience marked symptom relief within three months of starting treatment, and many see progress in just a few weeks

We recommend that patients continue the drops for three to five years to fully desensitize their immune systems. After this, some patients are able to remain allergy-free without the drops. Others will need to continue the drops on a maintenance dose.

To get started with the AllergyEasy program, click here.

Starter Kit

Starter Kit

Maintenance Serum

Maintenance Serum